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Synargy is a leading wholesaler of lounge suites, dining and bedroom furniture plus a range of high tech massage chairs.

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Express Yourself

Whatever your taste and stage in life, we want you to find just the right piece for your home. We work hard with our design team to cover all bases and bring you furniture that fits YOUR life

Innovation Through Passion

Enhancing your experience, it’s the little things that matter. Using clever elements to transform your space into a multifunctional haven, you can enjoy supreme comfort with all you need at your fingertips

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Greater Worth

Seeing value in your purchases gives you the confidence you are making the right choice. Considering how long your furniture will last, how it looks, how comfortable and suitable it is, along with what you pay, sets the benchmark for its investment value to you

As A Mark Of Sustainable Design

In the disposable world we live in, we are becoming more conscious about our footprint in the world. Choosing wisely means you’ll be investing in a piece of furniture that will last you and your family for many years. Have total confidence in your purchase- we back our brand with longer, stronger warranties

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